Saturday, July 6, 2013

Make Dialogues Based on The Situations Below

Make dialogues based on the situations below.
For example:
The classroom is a little bit dark. Ms Ningrum asks Roni to open the windows.
Ms Ningrum : Roni, open the windows, please.
Roni : Yes, Ma’am.
Ms Ningrum : Thank you, Roni.
Roni : You are welcome.

Situations :
  1. You want to invite your friend to go to the canteen. What would both of you say?
  2. You don’t want your friend to talk. What would both of you say?
  3. You want your friend to help you draw a map. What would you say?
  4. Your teacher wants you to line up. What would you say?
  5. You don’t want your sister to watch TV. What would you say?

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